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By Sirrakuk, May 7, 12 12:59 PM

Our server on SWTOR is the Lord Adraas Server.  We have Virtue on the Republic side, and Crimson Legion for the Imperial side. 

We chose to simply change the name of the site here instead of making a new one so that all of our old members can still come to the site and fi... Read More

Virtue Expanding to SWTOR!
By Sirrakuk, Oct 16, 11 8:03 PM

Virtue is now a registered guild on Star Wars the Old Republic!  Click on the link below to remain with your Virtue family as we expand our horizons!

Be sure to tell us your name f... Read More

Throwar & Thomm Return as Leaders
By Thomm, Dec 21, 10 2:27 PM

Throwar and Thomm have joined Kuk and Sirra as leaders of Virtue!  

They will be helping Sirrakuk with some of the daily administration as well as help grow the guild in preparation for the Velious Expansion.

The Grand Opening!
By Hammert2009, May 29, 09 2:22 AM

Ladies and Gentlemen(and rats), May I have your attention please?

Our new Tier 3 Guild Hall will be open for business this Friday at 10pm CDT! Your Lea... Read More

Website Update!
By Hammert2009, May 29, 09 2:21 AM

Welcome to the New and Improved Virtue Homepage!

Welcome! Things have moved around a bit so let me walk you through the new homepage. To the lefthand side of the page you will see an RSS feed with news items. Check back often b... Read More

Here since launch, Virtue is the third largest Guild on the Antonia Bayle server! We are always recruiting all levels, classes, and races. We are a very casual Guild and there are no hoops to jump through if you would like to join us. All we require from our members is that they are mature adults

  From Your Leaders, Kuk and Sirra:

Compassion: The humane quality of understanding the suffering of others and wanting to do something about it; disposition to show forbearance or forgiveness in judging or punishing;
leniency; mercy.

We here at Virtue strive to show compassion for ALL members of this great and glorious game.  We understand that sometimes, these great people sharing our game will make mistakes.  Maybe they ran through an area we were in and accidentally aggroed a mob we were camping.  Maybe they even did this on purpose.  We do not follow those mistakes with retribution, but show compassion for others at all times. 

This is perhaps one of our greatest attributes.  It makes our Guild stand out from the rest, since we do not allow our members to show retaliation.  The Leaders of other guilds in the game know that if one of their members messes up, they will hear from an Officer or member of Virtue in a calm, respectful manner, and work with them to determine the best course of action for that person.  So, if you are having trouble with someone else in the game, speak with their Guild Leader or Officers, or if you don't feel comfortable doing that yourself, please talk with an Officer or myself, and we will help you take care of the problem. 

Following another player and intentionally stealing his/her kills or shinies is grounds for immediate dismissal from Virtue.

We show compassion in other ways, also.  Helping a Guildie out with a kill they can't quite solo, or acting as guide to new players, or even just joining in a Guild group is showing compassion for your Guildmates.  So, next time you log in, grab a few people in the Guild who are close to your level, or some who could use a good mentor, find a dungeon to crawl around in, and show that you share this attribute!

Honesty:  the quality or fact of being honest and upright; fairness and straightforwardness of conduct, speech, etc.; freedom from fraud or guile.

Virtue members show Honesty at ALL TIMES, to ALL PLAYERS of this wonderful game.  We have proven over the years that if you group with a Virtue member, you will be dealt with in a completely open and honest manner, regardless of how we ourselves are treated.

One of the greatest Virtues of our Guild, Honesty is what makes us such a wonderful Guild.  Virtue members do not roll "Need" on items unless they are truly upgrades.  They do not lie to other players in the game, or overembellish events to make themselves look better.  Virtue members constantly show that they can be relied on to keep their promises. 

Consistently rolling "Need" on items that are not actually a NEED is grounds for suspension of all Loot Rights in Virtue, whether for bank items or loot from Events.

We show Honesty in other ways, too.  Helping a Guildie out with a mob they can't quite solo, then declining the loot drop, is showing fairness.  When we tell a Guildmate that we will help them, and then follow through, that is showing Honesty.  Holding on to a loot drop for another Guildie is showing freedom from guile.  So, next time you log in, grab another Member, find a dungeon to go crawl around in, and know at all times that you will be Gaming with someone who will be Honest with you in return!

Honor: Honesty, fairness, or integrity in one's beliefs and actions; integrity; uprightness; trustworthiness

Virtue Members are Honorable at all times.  We consistently show that we are a Guild that can be looked up to as an example of Honorable actions.  We stand behind our priniciples and do not stray from them.

This Attribute encompasses almost all of the others.  To be Honorable, you must also be Compassionate, Honest, Humble, Valorous, and willing to show Sacrifice and Justice.  You must be willing to stand behind these beliefs as being what makes Virtue the GREATEST Guild in the game.  Honor is one of those Attributes that is difficult to define, yet extremely obvious when it is missing.

We show Honor when we are out in the wilds and stand back, or group up, when another player needs a mob that we are killing just for fun.  We show it when we tell a Member we will help them with something and follow through.  We show it when we see a player die just as their mob does, and walk away from the chest to allow the other player the chance to return for it.  So, grab another Guildie or 5, find an instance to run around in, and show them that you hold Honor dear to your heart, and watch as they show you that they do, too!

Humility: The state or quality of being humble; freedom from pride and arrogance.

This is one of the most difficult Virtues for our members to follow.  All of us are justifiably proud of our accomplishments.  Humility does not mean to deny the pride of a job well done, it simply means to give credit where it is due. 

Virtue members do not treat others badly; we recognize that ALL players of this wonderful game contribute to the whole, that each player makes this game great, and we strive to acknowledge each contribution.  We here at Virtue are sure to recognize each person who helps us along our path, frequently minimizing our own efforts to praise another.

This is not to say that we never show pride in our work; In the words of Webster, "Humility consists in rating our claims low, in being willing to waive our rights, and take a lower place than might be our due. It does not require of us to underrate ourselves."  So, next time you're out in the wilds and a guild member wanders by to help you out, be sure to show humility in thanking them for a job well done!

Justice: the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness: just conduct, dealing, or treatment.

Here at Virtue, we strive to constantly behave in a just manner.  We are aware that we are being looked at by all players of this great game, and we show that we are worthy of being emulated.

This attribute is one that makes us stand out from the crowd.  Virtue members do not seek retribution; we seek the higher road in all our decisions.  We seek only what is fair and right, and do not attempt shady dealings.  We have made a name for ourselves as being a Guild of players who care only for what is right, even if it means we may lose out on a cool new piece of gear that another group member could put to better use.  We are the ones who send /petitions and /bug reports when we see unfair actions taking place, and we hold ourselves to the highest moral character when doing so.

So, next time you're on, grab a guildie or five, find some mobs to kill, and know that you will be treated with the same fairness and Justice that you extend!

Sacrifice: to destroy, surrender, or suffer to be lost, for the sake of another.

This is one of the hardest Virtues for us to follow; Human nature is to hold on to what you hold dear, and to follow what would be best for your own sake.  Virtue members aspire to be better people than the norm, to put aside our desires for the sake of our guild.

When a Virtue member loots a master spell and knows that one of their guild members can use it, they send it to that member.  They do not look at the money they could have obtained by selling it, but give it freely, knowing that it is better to help a guildie than to line their pockets.  They leave Adept spells in the guild bank so that others can use them, knowing that the book will upgrade a friend's skills.  They take that rare that was just harvested and donate it to another's use for better gear.

This is not to say that we never sell great drops, only that we are constantly looking for ways to better our Guild as a whole.  When we have an item on the broker and a guildie mentions they could use it, we give it freely; we put our crafting skills to use for our Guild; we leave a quest unfinished because another guild member needs help.  We consistently show that our friends here in Virtue come before our own gain, knowing that in return, every other member puts our own desires before theirs.

So, next time you see a guild member asking for help, if you're not already grouping, take the time to sacrifice your own desires and go with them, knowing that the next time you need help yourself, your guildies will be there for you!

Valor: the qualities of a hero or heroine; exceptional or heroic courage when facing danger (especially in battle);

This is perhaps the easiest Virtue to follow.  All members of Virtue, when braving the wilds of Norrath, put themselves into harm's way without a second thought.  But this Virtue we hold to a different standard than the others.

We here in Virtue show our respect, and our thanks, to those who show this Virtue in Real Life.  The members of our military place themselves in danger every day, whether they see the front lines of battle or not.  We have members living in all corners of the world, and every one of them knows the trials that members of their own military undergo in order to preserve their way of life.  We all mourn for those who lost their own lives for the sake of ours.  Our members have the utmost respect for those who choose to follow our Virtues in everyday life, and we offer our sincere thanks to those who are able to do what we cannot.

-Members of Virtue



All Members of Virtue strive to embody the 8 Virtues:

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